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“Looking for wedding venue”

Reviewed June 11, 2015
Stopped here with my mom and sisters when we were looking at wedding venues and did a tasting! The service was excellent and no one complained that we had brought a stroller and two kiddos in with us (the winery visit was impromptu). One complaint is just that they were SUPER inaccessible. […]

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“Not Busy, Big Tasting room”

Reviewed May 22, 2015
Nice airy tasting room. Short walk from the parking lot to the tasting room. They have 8 acres of grapes growing on the property. The wines were good. We weren’t offered to purchase any snack, so we don’t know if they have food or not. The gentleman who waited on us was […]

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“A wonderful Solaro experience.”

Reviewed April 21, 2015
We spent a relaxing afternoon at Solaro enjoying the tasting and experience. Yes, the wines are pricey but the winery is a notch above our expectation.

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“Our FAVORITE Winery in Texas!”

Reviewed April 18, 2015
I’m not sure what some people have experienced, but we love it. We have been go here and getting wines for years. They are wonderful Italian style wines. Yes they are expensive, but good wine is worth the money. The owners are very nice, and we love to visit with them. We […]

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“Had a wonderful experience!”

Reviewed on April 15, 2015
Had a wonderful experience here! Learned a lot about the various types of wine they had to offer, and what made them different from other vineyards in the area. The staff was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! The selection of wines were very sophisticated and complex. The view of the vineyards […]

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Wedding Anniversary Trip

Reviewed April 4, 2015
Solaro winery was a wonderful addition to my first wedding anniversary trip to Austin with my husband. We were warmly greeted and helped immediately. One of the owners completed a tasting for us. We let her know that we are not wine experts and she took time explaining each of the wines […]

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“The BEST wine EVER served at a Wine Tasting!!!”

Reviewed April 2, 2015
My sister and I went to three wineries this trip (although I, myself, have been to over 75 wineries), and this served THE BEST wine I’ve ever been served at a winery “wine tasting”! We went on a weekday, so it was quieter and Daniel spent time with us and was both […]

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“Will keep coming back!”

First Reviewed October 15, 2014
I totally love this place. A 10 minute drive from my house. I don’t understand all the bad reviews about the tastings here. EVERYTHING HERE IS GOOD!! So why taste it, just buy it!! It might be a little on the expensive side but well with it. I just wish they […]

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Valentine Festival

Reviewed February 15, 2015
Definitely coming back. This place is hidden. Down a long road, then down a dirt road. Joey was our taster. He was really sweet. The wine is really good. They were having a Valentine festival so live music and barbeque plates were available. Take your friends and sit outside

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“Wedding Venues”

Reviewed November 24, 2014
We went here on a tour of potential wedding venues. We spoke to a very friendly and helpful staff member (can’t remember the name) – we were very impressed with the hospitality we were shown. The tasting room is pretty small, but nice. The have a wide selection of wines compared to […]

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